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I didn’t know TARP and TALP were for over $8 Trillion,Did You?

July 17, 2011

“Default is wrong, unnecessary and completely avoidable. If it takes voting on increasing the debt ceiling to avoid default, than that is what Congress must do.”Vermont REP,Peter Welch (D) got it right by saying “IF IT TAKES VOTING”
NEWSFLASH:What could be…..but won’t be!.
“President Obama calls a special news conference with Federal Reserve Bank  Chairman,Bernanke ,and Secretary Of Treausry,Geitner”
Federal Reserve Bank , on behalf of the American people ,has turned over, as allowed by law ,to the US Treausury the $1.25 TRILLION of US Bonds purchased using QE1 and QE2.The money goes into the Treasury account and reduces the NATIONAL DEBT by that amount,thereby being $1.25 trillion below the ceiling!
Please GOD, continue to bless America.
And for readers of this,I ask,” CAN YOU PROVE ME WRONG?
Please note:The Fereral Reserve Bank thru TARP and TALP told the taxpayers about the “chump change ,$1.3 trillion,only after they had to release the the actual amount to Congress did we learn it was in fact MORE THAN $ 8,000,000,000,000 !!!
Read Blog;” A Real Jaw Dropper at Fereral Reserve” Senater Sanders.
I think America needs a wake up call when it’s OK for the Federal Reserve to lend banks and corporations ( Two of which are Foreign) more than $8 trillion and not give a darn if they do not lower the debt for it’s own taxpayers.
“JUSTALUCKYFOOL” Only a fool would attempt to predict a future event,if correct then justaluckyfool.

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