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What could kill America’s system? A WMD called “Compound Interest”

September 30, 2011

Banks are for profit corporations,they exist for one reason only;to provide financial services in order to make a PROFIT for their owners.Why the anger? Do you begrudge GM for making a profit?
Mc D for making a profit?
I believe that would not be a valid reason,but the reality is “because their product is making money off of money and they have a history that no matter how much they make they need more!
They are sort of a reverse product maker-their product is to take money FROM you.
It is almost like a TAX. You pay a tax (fee) to use your money.
I bet you can guess ,what I think about when they loan money at a compound interest rate !
The American concept of how the banking system works is perhaps,it’s biggest flaw.Based on that most powerful force , compound interest , eventually the banks would OWN all the money.
If they were to lend out $1 Trillion @ 6% a yr ,they would get back after 120 years OVER ONE QUADTRILLION DOLLARS !!! (Rule of 72: The money would double every 12 years) It’s a fact.
Please check into the latest ideas such as STATE BANKS.Banks that make a profit FOR THE TAXPAYERS!.
JUSTALUCKYFOOL.”Only a fool would attempt to predict a future event,if correct,then justaluckyfool”
Bing or Google “The Federal Bank of the USA”

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