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November 11, 2011

“Capitalism: Death By A Thousand Cuts”
If correct;however,capitalism is only wounded and still alive.
Capitalism,battered,wounded will still remain until
“the most powerful force in the universe compound interest” (Einstein) is used against it.This WMD if allowed to continue will destroy the Euro and the Dollar and all capitalism as known..
Capitalism must confront its fatal flaw..COMPOUND INTEREST can be used against it.
Please challenge,edit,or endorse my article “THE FEDERAL BANK OF AMERICA”
Why not do what the constitution allows and as the Preamble states,…”FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION”
May GOD continue to bless America.
And thank GOD for your blogs, and those of Ellen Brown,Cullen Roche,Wray ,etc.
Oct 29, 2011 · “How does one eat a 80 trillion calorie sandwich ? Ans.,ONE BITE AT A TIME !”

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