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Wouldn’y you like to know????

November 30, 2011 Lenzner, Forbes Staff


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11/30/2011 @ 9:45AM |57 views

What I’d Like To Know

 …how the central banks got together to make the joint announcement about credit easing this morning

…why in the world Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson  held a private meeting with hedge fund managers in July, 2008,

…I’d like to know if Bank of America is actually insolvent again, facing ruinous claims for past crimes, and will never truly recover.

…I’d like to know whether the Wall Street/Washington Axis of Power actually is the real power behind everything thsat happens in America.


 your comment:

You would like to know?.
Yes,there is a Santa Claus.
“Open and full disclosure”
If only that were to be in OWSer’s platform.
We would have a “more perfect union”
If only that were to be a mandate of the Federal Reserve ,we would have a “more perfect union.”
If only we were to have “open and full disclosure” about the “MOST POWERFUL” WMD,
compoud interest,then as in the Preamble,we would have a “more perfect union”
We may be at the crossroad of an opportunity to Save The American Democracy.
But where are our “Santa Clauses”




(William Black)

(Robert J Shiller)

Please place your name and others on the list.

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