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Great News!!Zero Income Taxes Solves Worldwide Economic Crises !

April 12, 2012

The answer lies in not how the most powerful force in the universe is used ,rather how you redistribute what it creates !
Great News!!Zero Income Taxes Solves Worldwide Economic Crises ! “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest” –(This quote,upon research seems not to have been by  Albert Einstein, also another one , ” The greatest mathematical discovery is the RULE OF 72.” ,if in fact they are not valid quotes, please consider the validity of the statements regardless of who may have been the first to say them. Perhaps Einstein may still be quoted for using the concepts in oroviding his solution, ”
We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.Albert Einstein
Perhaps the answer lies in how you redistribute the wealth of a nation; not in how you make it. 
The problems: 
ONE:Possible $1 quadrillion in “potential currency” was created by the financial institutions leading up to the crisis of 2007-8.
“Hernando de Soto says this credit crisis is all about (a lack of) paper” As stated by Justin Fox (March 25 2009)
If you think about it, everything of value we own travels on property paper. At the beginning of the decade there was about $100 trillion worth of property paper representing tangible goods such as land, buildings, and patents world-wide, and some $170 trillion representing ownership over such semi liquid assets as mortgages, stocks and bonds. Since then, however, aggressive financiers have manufactured what the Bank for International Settlements estimates to be $1 quadrillion worth of new derivatives (mortgage-backed securities, collateralized debt obligations, and credit default swaps) that have flooded the market.
These derivatives are the root of the credit crunch. Why? Unlike all other property paper, derivatives are not required by law to be recorded… Nobody knows precisely how many there are, where they are, and who is finally accountable for them. Thus, there is widespread fear that potential borrowers and recipients of capital with too many non performing derivatives will be unable to repay their loans. As trust in property paper breaks down it sets off a chain reaction, paralyzing credit and investment, which shrinks transactions and leads to a catastrophic drop in employment and in the value of everyone’s property.Read more:
TWO:Private debt bubble.
The Debtwatch Manifesto by Steve Keen  (Jan 3rd, 2012)
“The fundamental cause of the economic and financial crisis that began in late 2007 was lending by the finance sector that primarily financed speculation rather than investment. The private debt bubble this caused is unprecedented, probably in human history and certainly in the last century …. Its unwinding now is the primary cause of the sustained slump in economic growth. The recent growth in sovereign debt is a symptom of this underlying crisis, not the cause, and the current political obsession with reducing sovereign debt will exacerbate the root problem of private sector de leveraging.”
THREE:Financial institutions allowed to create “currency”. 
How the Banks Broke the Social Compact, Promoting their Own Special Interests
by Prof. Michael Hudson  ; 
“The inherently symbiotic relationship between banks and governments recently has been reversed. In medieval times, wealthy bankers lent to kings and princes as their major customers. But now it is the banks that are needy, relying on governments for funding – capped by the post-2008 bailouts to save them from going bankrupt from their bad private-sector loans and gambles.
Yet the banks now browbeat governments – not by having ready cash but by threatening to go bust and drag the economy down with them if they are not given control of public tax policy, spending and planning. The process has gone furthest in the United States. Joseph Stiglitz characterizes the Obama administration’s vast transfer of money and pubic debt to the banks as a “privatizing of gains and the socializing of losses. It is a ‘partnership’ in which one partner robs the other.”  Prof. Bill Black describes banks as becoming criminogenic and innovating “control fraud.”  High finance has corrupted regulatory agencies, falsified account-keeping by “mark to model” trickery, and financed the campaigns of its supporters to disable public oversight. The effect is to leave banks in control of how the economy’s allocates its credit and resources.
If there is any silver lining to today’s debt crisis, it is that the present situation and trends cannot continue. So this is not only an opportunity to restructure banking; we have little choice. The urgent issue is who will control the economy: governments, or the financial sector and monopolies with which it has made an alliance.
Fortunately, it is not necessary to re-invent the wheel. Already a century ago the outlines of a productive industrial banking system were well understood. But recent bank lobbying has been remarkably successful in distracting attention away from classical analyses of how to shape the financial and tax system to best promote economic growth – by public checks on bank privileges. 

Governments can create new credit electronically on their own computer keyboards as easily as commercial banks can. And unlike banks, their spending is expected to serve a broad social purpose, to be determined democratically. When commercial banks gain policy control over governments and central banks, they tend to support their own remunerative policy of creating asset-inflationary credit – leaving the clean-up costs to be solved by a post-bubble austerity. This makes the debt overhead even harder to pay – indeed, impossible. 

It is too early to forecast whether banks or governments will emerge victorious from today’s crisis. As economies polarize between debtors and creditors, planning is shifting out of public hands into those of bankers. The easiest way for them to keep this power is to block a true central bank or strong public sector from interfering with their monopoly of credit creation. The counter is for central banks and governments to act as they were intended to, by providing a public option for credit creation. 
FOUR:The most powerful force in the universe is being used against mankind,rather than for the benefit of mankind.
“…. The Mathematics of Compound Interest
A syndicate of less than one hundred American capitalists, if allowed to collect interest on their capital at a low rate and re-invest for 150 years or less, would at the end of that time own the earth and all real and personal property thereon. This is a simple mathematical proposition, capable of exact demonstration, and any one who doubts the truth of this statement may set all doubts at rest by computing compound interest on one and one-half billions of dollars for one hundred and fifty years, at five per cent per annum.
…Flürscheim elaborated that “All exertions, all improvements in the methods and tools of labor, the strictest economy, the severest self-denial, are powerless to compete with the rapidity of self-increase possessed by capital placed at compound interest, and they cannot keep up with its demands.” To illustrate the dynamic at work, he composed an allegory (pp. 327ff.). Many ages after man was driven from Paradise and told “to earn his bread by the sweat of his brow, mercy began to prevail. A loving angel was sent down by the Great Master, charged with the task of lightening the burden. The angel’s name was Spirit of Invention. He began his work by teaching man to make useful tools” and tame animals, and in time to mobilize water power, air and wind power, fire and steam power to drive machinery.
“It seemed that at last the golden era had come of which men had dreamed for ages past,” but “that envious spirit, that fallen angel, Satan,” was jealous that his own empire would soon be over for ever. Among the follies of man, one little imp, called Interest, managed to attract his attention. “‘What is the matter with you, Interest?’ he asked the saucy imp. ‘You don’t seem to be so dejected as your comrades are?'”
“‘Why should I be dejected, master?’ replied the spirit, ‘Am I not one of your favorite soldiers? Haven’t I always been victorious under your august guidance?'”
But Satan answered sadly, “Alas, You are no match for the Spirit of Invention.” The Interest imp, however, volunteered to demonstrate his prowess in a dual, helped by his son, Compound Interest.
At this point, Flürscheim introduced an image that Napier had suggested at the outset of his second book on logarithms in 1617, the Robdologia, likening the principle of geometric increase to that of a chess-board on which each square doubled the number assigned to the preceding one. An old Persian proverb told of a Shah who wished to reward the inventor of chess, a subject, and asked what he would like. To the Shah’s surprise, the man asked “as his only reward that the Shah would give him a single grain of corn, which was to be put on the first square of the chess-board, and to be doubled on each successive square; which, to the surprise of the king, produced an amount larger than the treasures of his whole kingdom could buy. It is this kind of chess-game which capital is continually playing with labor.” The remarkable growth of compound interest soon swallowed “products, capital, the earth and even the workers.”
This was in essence the ploy that Flürscheim’s Compound Interest demon used. “Look at this chess-board,” he told the angel against whom Satan had pitted him. “It seems just like any other chess-board, with sixty-four squares,” but it “had the peculiar quality of extending the dimensions of the squares, so as always to be large enough” to hold whatever was placed on them. Instead of asking for grains of wheat to be placed on them, the Interest Imp asked for soldiers. “Now, listen well to what I propose,” he said to the angel, pointing to the latter’s huge army.
I enter the first square with my son, and you match one of your warriors against us. We enter the second square doubled in number; you send two more warriors – and so on every succeeding square. . . . When we arrive at the last square, and you have a single soldier left after occupying the same, we shall declare ourselves vanquished, and Satan with all his troops will leave this world for ever. If I win, you and your army are to be at the commands of my master. Are you agreed?
The angel agreed, expecting his horde of soldiers to easily exceed the number that the Interest Imp and his son, Compound Interest, seemed likely to accrue.
In the beginning the angel laughed, for, though twenty squares were passed, no noticeable diminution of his forces was perceptible. Demon Interest said nothing, but attended to business, quietly doubling his army on every succeeding square. At the thirtieth square the angel ceased to laugh, and soon saw he was lost.
‘I despised you, little fellow,’ he signed despairingly, ‘and I am punished for my vanity. I see there is no use fighting against you. Demon Interest is more powerful than the Spirit of Invention. I am your slave. Command your servant!'”
(THIS IS THE TIPPING POINT ! Justaluckyfool’s comment explained  in next paragraph)
‘I am the only servant of my great master,’ dryly replied the demon.
“Here I see him coming. He will give you his orders.’
And Satan gave his orders. He commanded that the angel was to continue in his work with all his troops, which were to be increased with all possible exertion, so that humanity – which did not know the nature of the antagonist it had to fight against – would always keep in fresh hope of final success when the new troops were forthcoming. But as fast as they appeared, Demon Interest was to send forth a larger army to capture the new forces, to enslave them, and – instead of their benefiting man – make them increase the slave-chains which weigh him down.
WHAT IF DEMON INTEREST WERE TO ANSWER? (Justaluckyfool’s comment explained),
I will now be the servant of a new master,one that will pursue happiness for all mankind.”
The answer lies in how you redistribute the wealth, not in how you make it.
As for the worlds wealth, there is the possibility of total accumulation through compound interest (the most powerful force in the universe) which then begs the question, “How would that wealth be redistributed ? Who will be the master?
Where we went wrong:

Fractional Reserve Banking,allowing private institutions to “print” our money ,which then  allows  them to charge compound interest on that potential money.
If it were possible to sum up the single greatest flaw to capitalism ,it would be :It allows for the “most powerful force in the universe”… to quote Einstein,” compounding ”  interest  to be used against that society.The lender becomes the owner of all the money based upon the act of compounding at any rate within a long period of time.
 A cycle that commands total money control or it must bust. When will we learn and believe that a private bank is allowed to print new money ,Ten,twenty,even fifty times what it has in deposit.If a bank has $1 million to loan it is allowed to lend $900,000 at 10% using the process “Fractional Reserve Banking” The lender makes with that creation  a bank asset (loan) of $900,000 which allows another loan of $810,000,on and on,even to 30X and 40X leverage.
ONE. AMEND THE FEDERAL RESERVE CHARTER; TURN THE FED RESERVE INTO THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF AMERICA (FRBA),RESTORE MONETARY POWER BACK TO THE PEOPLE ,OPERATE  THE  FRBA WITH  ABSOLUTE TRANSPARENCY, (“GLINDA,the Good Witch, owns a Great Book of Records that allows her to track everything that goes on in the world from the instant it happens.”_The Road to Oz)
The Federal RESERVE Bank of America,make it the melting pot for Federal Reserve.,FDIC,FHFA,and the GSE’s,Fannie,Freddie,Ginnie and Sally, as well as the IRS.These organizations will be needed to service
AMEND THE FEDERAL RESERVE CHARTER making it a people’s owned bank.
1a*All loans by any financial institution must be backed with 100% reserves.No more Fractional Reserve Banking.No more production by private banks of this Monetary Sovereignty’s currency.All loans may be used as assets for borrowing from The FRBA so that they comply with the 100% reserve. Any loan that is not in compliance must be sold to the FRBA or the financial institution would be placed into receivership. 
1b*The Federal Reserve will no longer be needed as its mandate (control inflation,deflation and stagnation,as well as unemployment) will be passed on to THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF AMERICA. Also the FDIC and FHFA as their mandates will no longer be required. Private banks will have to be self-insured. Risk 100% their own investors money  for 100% reward.
1c*It will be operated by the people,of the people and for the people”.THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF AMERICA will be the source for the American borrower to acquire funds and the interest paid shall be revenue income to be used as funding of their government agenda,for the general welfare.
THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF AMERICA will be the maker of all loans,not guarantee them for others, they will be the maker of these loans and will retain all profits. Profits which by law will be turned over to the US Treasury,as funds for Congress for government expensive’s.
The Federal Reserve Bank of America:
-Will no longer allow the paying of interest for the use of its own money,rather it will charge interest for the use of its money..
Will take away from others the right to “print” our own currency.
Will stop the stupid practice of paying interest on our own money.
Will wake up and realize that “There is only one fair Income Tax,period; only zero is fair.
-Will not take deposits from anyone other than for the  US Treasury.
-Will not be involved in any financial investment services.
The Federal Reserve Bank of America will be the sole lender of legal tender. Any financial institution that wishes to loan American Dollars ,those dollars must be acquired (read borrowed)  from the Federal Reserve Bank of America,as all loans must be backed with a 100% reserve from either dollars on hand or borrowed from the FRBA.
FRBA will purchase ALL residential and commercial REAL ESTATE loans outstanding at full balance owed.Any private lender may retain any loan it has by simply showing 100% reserve.
The American people will be the lenders and no longer will they be the victims of private greed of those printing our own money..No longer will they allow the banks that they have entrusted with their money to use that money to make profits for themselves .Profits will be made by the people,of the people, for the people. Taxpayers bailout for Taxpayers by Taxpayers paying compounded interest to Taxpayers . These loans would provide trillions of dollars as TAXPAYER PROFIT (REVENUE)!
Compound interest will cause any amount to double over a certain period of time.This doubling alone will provide an enormous income stream. If loans are made for $100 trillion,the incoming payments would exceed $5 trillion a year for 36 years @2%. What a magnificent way to fund a government. 

Since the FRBA will be taking back all currency issued,it would be absolutely necessary to redistribute most if not all over a period of time.(If not ,then the debt would be UN PAYABLE).

As Einstein said,”Make it simple.”

The next wave of stuff that will hit the fan may be the “CRISIS in the derivatives market” if you think stuff was “too big to fail” before,join me in sleepless nights knowing the derivatives market is more than $800 trillion ! ! That’s $800,000,000,000,000 !
If $1 quadrillion is needed,better yet,that would produce(2% for 36 years) an income for “We the People” of over $55 trillion a year .WITH NO INFLATION (it would be an asset purchase, not disposable income) and $55 trillion a year  would be vacuumed out of the economy each year ($55 trillion)  with only needing to use a portion for funding for the general welfare and the remainder for quality and quantity control of the currency. as well as making new loans.No inflation,no new  bubbles (with 100% margin, a greater fool would not be able to continue the escalation needed to fuel the bubble,plus who would be willing to take the risk using “just their own money”..
MUST IMPORTANT it will allow the financial institutions to de leverage their now 100% margin assets  over 36 years,thereby preventing a ” burst”.
It will prevent a “crack- up-boom” because the “created potential money” will not be available for circulation,it will be needed to payback the loans, since they would be otherwise un payable.
“There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of the voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.” — Ludwig von Mises
Great News;Zero Income Taxes Solves Worldwide Economic Crises !
 Back the credit with 100% of borrowed dollars,allowing the financial institutions to de-leverage at a cost of 2% for 36 years.Prevent collaspe and at the same time serve a new master-“We The People”
Total catastrophe
ZERO Income Taxes.
***** “Believe nothing merely because you have been told it…But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis,you find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit,the welfare of all beings – that doctrine believe and cling to,and take it as your guide.”- Buddha[Gautama Siddharta] (563 – 483 BC), Hindu Prince, founder of Buddhism
When will we show our leaders,
 (as stated on ” 60 minutes” (12/11/11)”
President Obama said,”You can’t raise revenues by lowering taxes unless you get the money from somewhere else.” ?

The Federal Reserve Bank of AMERICA will be agency for the Federal Reserve Charter and will be mandated to preserve the quantity and quality of the US Dollar and to provide Congress with funding for the general welfare,life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Just like that ,we the people may just have solved our;
financial crisis (read loan the financial institutions the money to unwind their derivatives to 100% asset based with a rate of 2% for 36 years.) ,
housing crisis (read modify all  loans that are  purchased from the lenders AT FULL REAL BALANCE  modify with  a rate of 2% for 36 years.Very low and affordable payments on an assumable mortgage. READ,how this will make a gigantic increase in revenue for the taxpayers, instead of income taxes.
How can we prove that the purchase of $51 trillion of REAL ESTATE LOANS with a FAIR VALUE of maybe just $30 trillion give the taxpayers a revenue income GREATER than the $51 trillion.
is in the “magic” of that “most powerful force in the universe”.
It allows for the borrower to be willing to pay off the higher amount in order to gain the asset and eventually actually increase the value of the asset.
 E.G., A loan with todays terms and conditions on a home that has  a balance of $200,000 on an asset that is valued at $100,000 with a payment of $1,200 per month (6%rate). Why pay it ? If the loan is for 30 years you would have to pay in $360,000. Plus no one would want to get you OUT of that nightmare mortgage.
But if you take that same loan, $200,000 on that same value $100,000 with a payment of $960 per month (2%/36yr).With an ASSUMABLE MORTGAGE you create an instant “$200,000 ” asset value ,because any one out there would be willing to pay $960 a month for that home.Plus if rates increase,they would pay you some added cash for that “mortgaged home” since ,no matter how high rates go that home will only be $960 per month !
….,monetary crisis (read pay off our debt at a rate of 10% or 10 equal payments per year,by using the income generated by The Federal Reserve Bank of America’s interest (revenue) bearing loans.This would be a symbolic gesture since really we could pay off the debt with a click of a computer.
The FRBA shall control the money supply by setting terms and conditions for the loans,thereby fulfilling their mandate to control inflation,deflation,and stagnation. .Affordable loans at low rates and longer terms ( 2011 Private loans would be at 3% for 72 years as rates will be changed depending upon economic conditions .2011 Business loans would be at 2% for 6 (six) years with no payments for the first year.)This would create at least 4 million jobs immediately and may even reduce the unemployment to under 4% within that year by creating the jobs and homes and products needed for this new prosperity that would be a result of this new monetary policy.
The Federal Reserve Bank of AMERICA will replace the Federal Reserve and will be mandated to preserve the quantity and quality of the US Dollar and to provide Congress with funding for the general welfare,life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness
The American Dollar will be based upon THE AMERICAN TREASURE (“ITS GOLD”) !
That is the full faith and credit of the American people backed up by the US Constitution and all assets physical and intellectual…
Americans ” shall and will pay all debts,foreign and domestic.”
The American people are BETTER THAN GOLD, and  have tremendously more assets then the worlds gold. Why would we limit our future to only a single metal ?We have all the elements as assets that are greater and in more abundance than gold and intellectual assets that are limitless,why trade them for such a finite amount of gold,gold that is already owned by others?
 Ben Franklin,Thomas Jefferson,and many more used this method ,the lending of taxpayers money , to start the colonies on the road to financial success. Then the lender banks took it away from the people by having legislators replace the practice allowing them to make the loans (make our money) and keep the interest for themselves,and at the same time guarantee that they the lenders get paid. We the people will no longer pay interest for the use of our own money,or guarantee lenders that they will be paid interest on our money for making loans.
To insure the funding of this great society and insure prosperity there would be a great stream of income:
Lets use a start figure of $51 trillion in loans,that which is already in circulation.(guesstimate,hope it is more)It will go on the balance sheet as $51 trillion loan assets. This asset will double every 18 years….1 X 18 = 102 trillion,2 X 18 =204 trillion.
Private Banks will be the only source for deposits and savings. Private Banks will no longer be allowed to do fractional banking . All loans will require 100% deposit backing. PRIVATE BANKS WILL BE ENTITLED TO THEIR PROFITS SINCE THEY WILL BE RISKING THEIR OWN MONEY AND MONEY THEY ARE INSURING THEMSELVES. Banks may borrow from The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America (HOPE THEY NEED ANOTHER $51 TRILLION) and use that borrowed money for their own account for their own investing;at the prevailing rate and terms. NO MORE FREE RIDE !( Some say they may need over $200 trillion to unwind their derivatives.)
Good-bye income taxes as they are known today.
CAUTION: They will try FEAR tactics to keep US away from our rights. Remember ,”We have nothing to fear but fear itself”
They will use the fear producing words,”inflation, hyperinflation, stagnation”.
You can answer with the words,”I will not be enslaved by the most powerful force in the universe because we the people can use that most powerful force for the betterment of mankind and prosperity.”
We the people can use that “most powerful force in the universe to control inflation,hyperinflation and stagnation “! !
We the people will deal with the present possible economic tsunami,one tidal wave at a time .
May  “The Invisible Hand” continue to bless America.
Here’s something found on the net .Believe it sums up why society or the 99% should not JUDGE AN ENTIRE GROUP IN ITS ENTIRERTY,RATHER JUDGE EACH INDIVIDUALLY.
From … :
” Wealth and the Occupy Wall Street Movement”
I wish the Occupy Wall Street movement would be a little clearer about what they’re protesting.
Even as it continues to grow and gain followers outside of New York, with satellite protests in more than 60 American cities as it threatens to go global, the demonstrators still haven’t directly identified their enemy.And before I can make up my mind whether or not I support them, I think they need to tell us whether this is more about money or morality.
What troubles me is that much of the anger of the protesters seems to be fueled by a sentiment about wealth … There have always been people who believed that spirituality demands that we forsake materialism. Rich people are wicked by definition. Accumulating a great deal of money is a sin.
….Wealth is not ignoble; it presents us with precious opportunities. …The philosopher Philo had it right when he summed ..(the) sentiment in these words: “Money is the cause of good things to a good man, of evil things to a bad man.”
Wealth may destroy those who possess it but it can also be the source of the greatest blessing. Precisely because it has this quality, it becomes doubly holy. When we choose to use a potentially destructive object in a positive and productive manner, we have learned the secret of true (wealth).
“Show me your checkbook stubs,” said the noted psychologist, Erich Fromm, “and I’ll tell you everything about yourself.” Self-indulgence or selflessness? Wine, women, and song or charitable works? Hedonism or helping others? …
For those whose crusade against Wall Street is synonymous with a vendetta against all those with wealth, there needs to be recognition of the great good accomplished by many of those who’ve been blessed with prosperity. Just because someone has “made it” doesn’t make him a villain. To add the adjective “filthy” to the word rich in signs hoisted by Occupy Wall Street protesters is to unfairly castigate those who … may have rewarded because they’re wise enough to work on … creating a better world.
We could all learn much from Michael Bloomberg, the self-made billionaire founder of the Bloomberg financial information firm and New York Mayor, who for two years in a row was the leading individual living donor in the United States, according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy. He recently said he intends to give away most of his fortune, because “the best measure of a philanthropist is that the check he leaves to the undertaker bounces.” And that will insure that he dies a very happy man.
Capitalism isn’t only about accumulating more and more money. Just a few years ago TIME named Bill and Melinda Gates as its “Persons of the Year.” Gates, a Wall Street superstar, was acknowledged as one of the most influential people in the country – not because of how much money he has but because of how much of it he is willing to give away. He came to the conclusion that greed isn’t meant to be our goal in life.
Having made more money than he will ever need, he has one more vision that drives him. He would love to convince world business leaders that being socially responsible isn’t just altruism but sound business practice. Gates says he has learned that greed is self-defeating. It destroys the very people who make it their god.
Today Gates is spearheading a drive to get the super wealthy to publicly commit themselves to giving away most of their fortunes for charitable purposes – and Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and one of the world’s wealthiest men, among others has signed on to this noble endeavor.
When the Occupy Wall Street crowd talks about cleaning up corruption, when it points a finger at all those whose financial recklessness plunged the country into the Great Recession, when it gives voice to the anger we all feel at the perpetrators of highly immoral business practices that hurt millions of innocent victims – for all of these righteous causes they deserve our unqualified thanks.
It’s only when they confuse anyone who is wealthy with the enemy that I think we need to remind them that just as much as the poor don’t deserve to be despised for their poverty, the rich don’t deserve to be hated simply because they have money.
This article originally appeared on
Some banking quotes,
Lord Acton ,UK,”If I am correct, there are even bigger scandals to come when the tide goes out again, although there will be great efforts made to cover them up and excuse them ‘for the sake of public confidence in the system.’ The derivatives market is a scandal-in-process, and is likely to rock the US banking system and the Dollar to their foundations when it topples. “
Lord Acton, Banking quotes:
“The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”
John Adams, Banking quotes:
“Banks have done more injury to the religion, morality, tranquilit­y, prosperity­, and even wealth of the nation than they can have done or ever will do good.”
John Adams, Banking quotes:
“All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise not from defects in their Constituti­on or Confederat­ion, nor from want of honor or virtue, so much as downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulatio­n.”
“There may be even larger losses and anxiety for the unsuspecting who have misplaced their trust in false ideologies, slogans and theories promoted by a self-serving oligarchy.”


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