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“QE4 the people.” – ” J.O.B.S. = Full Employment”

October 31, 2012

“QE4 the people.”

Perhaps, it won’t be the same for most of us, but it can be better for all of us.
Renew the American Dream. Invest in America
If I were a candidate.
This is what would be an immediate  announcement.
****The Federal Reserve is to STOP immediately buying “private for profit bank” bonds, notes, derivatives, or any product that could possible be backed by their assets.Stop the process commonly known as QE3 (sometime called QE Infinity) 
Also since it has been proven that the Federal Reserve can purchase assets without an increase of inflation to any level of danger, the Federal Reserve shall begin immediately the purchase of State Bonds (a new emergency issue with an interest rate of 2% for 36 years). This purchase shall be at a rate of no less than $90 billion per month for a total of 4 months.
This amount ($360 billion) will not add to the national debt as it is an asset.
Read more:
***** “Believe nothing merely because you have been told it…But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis,you find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit,the welfare of all beings – that doctrine believe and cling to,and take it as your guide.”- Buddha[Gautama Siddharta] (563 – 483 BC),
“Yes, You Can Lower Taxes, Pay Off The Debt, And At The Same Time Increase Revenue.”(Justaluckyfool)
And yes, both have stated that, why not then as Einstein said, “Make it simple”?
Reduce federal income taxes to zero while at the same time raise TWICE as much revenue
using a fair system of taxation that is ; collecting interest on our own money instead of income taxes! 
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J  ust
O ne
B asic
S tep
JOBS created to reach full employment.
*******Just one step, eliminate FICA , increase  jobs, wages and profit all of which increase production with price stability- no increase in inflation.
***************What plan could simultaneously (1) cut taxes, (2) end the budget deficit, and (3) increase non-deficit spending.”?
 Any government can do all three. The solution was stated not only by Obama but also by Romney.
************”You can’t raise revenues by lowering taxes unless you get the money from somewhere else.”

  • *************Lower taxes by 25%….No increse in deficit spending…balance the budget.”
  • Translated: Create a revenue stream using a way other than “federal income taxes”.
    Translated: Create interest payments on the issuance of our own currency.
    Take away from the private for-profit banks that stream of profits and use it as funding for the people,instead of the benefits for 1% make those benefits for 100% of the people.
    Please consider, challenge and improve, then endorse by posting.
    Here is an example of where we are going wrong and how we can fix it.
    The Feds thru QE3 (QE Infinity) will be buying MBS at the rate of $40 billion per month.
    Translated: They are using our money to allow the private for-profit banks to make a profit.
    WHY NOT purchase the pure asset, the actual mortgage. Then modify all notes and set as an assumable mortgage at 2% for 36 years. If $18 trillion is needed, that would produce $1 trillion dollars a year of revenue.
  • Create QE4 the peolple.Federal reserve to purchase “State Emergency Bonds.”
  • Please, help me to understand, explain why you would not wish properity for yourselves and your children?
    The path is becoming more and more visible via “social media”.
    Read more: 

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