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QE4 Disaster Relief- QE4 the people

November 3, 2012


QE4 Disaster Relief- QE4 the people

Gov Christie, Gov Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg, Mayor Booker,
and all Governors and Mayors of all States that need Disaster Relief now. 
Join forces. Have your four most vocal representatives contact the President, the Sec. of the US Treasury, and Chairman of the Federal Reserve Use the power of social and mass media to help your people NOW.
Have the American financial system rush to the rescue with a generous and flexible legal funding that no other country could match.
Not a bailout.
Not a cost to all the taxpayers.
Not an increase in deficit spending.
Rather a magic economic proven silver bullet that would reduce taxes while at the same time increase non- deficit spending.
QE! A simple change in direction of doing something for the common bettering of all the people. Especially those in need now.
The present 10 states that are in need are to partake in quantitative easing (QE) the economic silver bullet.
“QE- Emergency Relief Bonds of 2012″.
Total amount to be issued to be $1 trillion, with a rate of 0.25% for 36 years.
1. The Federal Reserve is to STOP purchasing under QE3 (sometimes called QE Infinity) and PURCHASE this entire issue. It would be a purchase “for the people, for the common bettering of all citizens, rather than for the “private for profit banks” and it would gain revenue, yes increase revenue of $800 billion.
We must rebuild and replace so that it is not in vain. Rather that it be protective. An investment for the future. As one victim stated,”Under todays conditions, it just may be crazy to rebuild a third time for surely there may be a fourth.”
The Fed has already proven that it can do this at a profit to the US Treasury (“we the people”) and with no increase in the debt (it is an asset purchase). The individual states shall divide these funds among themselves depending upon their individual needs.
The states will be able to not only rebuild but also do it smart, so that it will be a protection against a similar future event.
Rebuild homes and factories, giving the people mortgages that are assumable with a rate of 2% for a term of 36 years-$500 billion to be made available. That is one-half of the issue. The money would make it possible to not just replace but really to rebuild to a new code and it would be affordable with guaranteed financing.
Since $500 billion becomes an asset worth $1 trillion over the next 36 years, the other $500 billion may be used to improve the land for the future, roads and transportation, safety against an even greater storm, yes, without an increase in taxation. The loans resulting from the first half ($500 billion) pay back $1 trillion, the total loan amount.
Interest on our own money has replaced the need for increase income taxes.
This is possible because it is a way to produce revenues without increasing federal income taxes. 
May God continue to bless America. 
Carmen Basilovecchio a/k/a “justaluckyfool”

***** “Believe nothing merely because you have been told it…But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis,you find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit,the welfare of all beings – that doctrine believe and cling to,and take it as your guide.”- Buddha[Gautama Siddharta] (563 – 483 BC),

“Yes, You Can Lower Taxes, Pay Off The Debt, And At The Same Time Increase Revenue.”(Justaluckyfool)
And yes, both have stated that, why not then as Einstein said, “Make it simple”?
Reduce federal income taxes to zero while at the same time raise TWICE as much revenue using a fair system of taxation that is ; collecting interest on our own money instead of income taxes! 
Read more: 

“Why FEMA Will Fail”
They do not have a plan in place.
They do not a procedure to put into action that would immediately assist
disaster victims with -FOOD, SHELTER, and COMMUNICATION.
They do not have a plan in place for disaster relief funding that would be no cost to the taxpayers and allow for rebuilding in a manner that be helpful in the prevention of a repeat of such a disaster.
They didn’t do it for New Orleans, and that can’t do it for NE America, because they don’t have a plan.
Why not use QE4?
 Take a proven plan (The Feds can purchase unlimited assets)
use it to benefit “the people” to recover and restore, instead of helping private for-profit banks.
READ MORE: Google- “Justaluckyfool”
or “QE4 Disaster Relief”
May God continue to bless America and please, help social media to spread the word.

J  ust
O ne
B asic
S tep
JOBS created to reach full employment.
*******Just one step, eliminate FICA , increase  jobs, wages and profit all of which increase production with price stability- no increase in inflation.
***************What plan could simultaneously (1) cut taxes, (2) end the budget deficit, and (3) increase non-deficit spending.”?
 Any government can do all three. The solution was stated by President Obama,***”You can’t raise revenues by lowering taxes unless you get the money from somewhere else.” 

  • Translated: Create a revenue stream using a way other than “federal income taxes”.
    Translated: Create interest payments on the issuance of our own currency.
    Take away from the private for-profit banks that stream of profits and use it as funding for the people,instead of the benefits for 1% make those benefits for 100% of the people.
    Please consider, challenge and improve, then endorse by posting.
    Here is an example of where we are going wrong and how we can fix it.
    The Feds thru QE3 (QE Infinity) will be buying MBS at the rate of $40 billion per month.
    Translated: They are using our money to allow the private for-profit banks to make a profit.
    WHY NOT purchase the pure asset, the actual mortgage. Then modify all notes and set as an assumable mortgage at 2% for 36 years. If $18 trillion is needed, that would produce $1 trillion dollars a year of revenue.
    While at the same time allowing the people to keep their homes, pay for them, create jobs, and for the “common bettering of man”.
  • Create QE4 the peolple. Federal reserve to purchase “State Emergency Bonds.”
  • Please, help me to understand, explain why you would not wish prosperity for yourselves and your children?
    The path is becoming more and more visible via “social media”.
    Read more: 
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