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Get Bernanke to DO FOR US instead of TO US. WORK 4 THE PEOPLE

September 27, 2013

Get Bernanke to DO FOR US instead of TO US. Modern International Financial and Monetary Systems Reformation. 2013

Modern International Financial and Monetary Systems Reformation. 2013.

A new vision is needed of wealth and equality, its existence and how it is administered.

Excerpts from: “Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace”.
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‘ ***** “Believe nothing merely because you have been told it…But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis,you find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit,the welfare of all beings – that doctrine believe and cling to,and take it as your guide.”- Buddha’‘”)

Pontifical Council, “…“(T)he trajectories of the Church’s close relation with the world. These trajectories intersect in the profound value of human dignity and the quest for the common good, which make people responsible and free to act according to their highest aspirations. The economic and financial crisis which the world is going through calls everyone, individuals and peoples, to examine in depth the principles and the cultural and moral values at the basis of social coexistence. What is more, the crisis engages private actors and competent public authorities on the national, regional and international level in serious reflection on both causes and solutions of a political, economic and technical nature. In this perspective,…the crisis “obliges us to re-plan our journey, to set ourselves new rules and to discover new forms of commitment, to build on positive experiences and to reject negative ones. The crisis thus becomes an opportunity for discernment, in which to shape a new vision for the future. In this spirit, with confidence rather than resignation, it is appropriate to address the difficulties of the present time.” The G20 leaders themselves said in the Statement they adopted in Pittsburgh in 2009: “The economic crisis demonstrates the importance of ushering in a new era of sustainable global economic activity grounded in responsibility.”
It is time to be united as Monetary Sovereign Nations that has as a social goal , “to form a more perfect union along with acting for the benefit of all mankind. While sharing the redistribution of wealth of these nations while at the service “… of the good of each and every one will necessarily be super partes (impartial): that is, above any partial vision or particular good, in view of achieving the common good. Its decisions should not be the result of the more developed countries’ excessive power over the weaker countries. Instead, they should be made in the interest of all, not only to the advantage of some groups, whether they are formed by private lobbies or national governments…. and no longer for the development of one group to the detriment of another group.

Capitalism is the “best” system to date devised by mankind. As it is administrated, perhaps, is where the “flaw” is manifested. If capitalism used its Central Bank properly,that is for the betterment of the common good, with equality and justice for all, capitalism would be the best ways and means to help “form a more perfect union….”
As stated in, (And the ECB?)
The ECB may have described where we went wrong working with our Fed; thereby giving us the opportunity to fix our “flaw”.Perhaps, the ECB has shown that the USA has taken the wrong path to prosperity because the Fed has allowed some one else to issue our liabilities and done so not for the common good.
Quote,” The ECB remains stuck in a totally outdated and rigid view of money, like the supporters of the gold standard, as it refuses to grasp that, in our current context of deflation/disinflation, losses on its capital have no significance, quite the contrary. It can even operate with negative capital, given that it is the sole issuer of its own liabilities, and create as many euros as it sees fit.
The US Fed has understood this truth for quite some time, given its inclusion in bylaws of a rule allowing it to delay indefinitely, without any need for recapitalization, any loss posted on its investment portfolio by assigning to them to future seigniorage revenue (MG).”THE TIPPING POINT: “… It can even operate with negative capital, given that it is the sole issuer of its own liabilities…”

The Fed must become a Central Bank Working For The People (CBWFTP) instead of working for the Private For Profit Banks (PFPB) and MUST take away from any other entity
the ability to issue sovereign currency which based upon todays rules is ” a CB liability”.
Why would you not want betterment of the common good?
Why not challenge, improve, endorse;
” A Central Bank Working For The People (CBWFTP)
instead of for Private For Profit Banks (PFPB).”

When will the people of Italy ( Read, Greece, Spain, any Sovereignty ) realize they have a Central Bank that does not work for their people, in fact it works to make profits for the top 1% of the people in the world.
Italy (Read…Greece, Spain, any Sovereignty), you can take back your right to prosperity. Create the Central Bank Of Italy, (Greece, Spain, any Sovereignty) and your Central Bank with an account showing 2 trillion “NEW LIRA”, that being todays wealth of the Italian peoples goods and services as of this date. All monetary transactions shall be recorded in “NEW LIRA”. All balances shall be equal in number and converted to “NEW LIRA”. All receipts in an equal denomination of “NEW LIRA” for each Euro. The balance of all debt will be fixed on this date , set with a specific redemption plan.(E.g., 72 or 96 equal monthly payments) The debt will no longer accrue interest.
Who would not accept this nation as not having a wealth of all that is Italian as not being at least 2 trillion,”NEW LIRA”? As for those who would be that stupid, not to accept that capitalization, please allow them to accept default.It is not the cost of government but the cost of money itself that has bankrupted the nations.If any country wishes to free itself from the shackles of debt and restore the prosperity it once had, it will need to take back its monetary sovereignty and issue its own money, either directly or through its own nationalized central bank.(This is the solution for any sovereignty).
For any nation to be a Monetary Sovereignty….
.. it must be the sole creator of its sovereign currency.
…it must have the ways and means to control its sovereign currency for quality and quantity.
…it must under modern money systems be fiat since its money is transferable “thru thin air”.
…it must understand that it is the guardian of the value of the currency , if it wishes to be capitalistic; otherwise that nation will be totalitarian. As a guardian (recording and exchanging) it does not own the value of the currency it creates.
…it must use that currency knowing that it must also return it back to the community (the rightful owners).
…all transactions using sovereign currency must be “REAL”, meaning backed by 100% of issued sovereign currency.In order to prevent “systemic failure” it must make available the currency as loans at a fixed rate and duration in amounts deemed necessary to allow the private banking system to be solvent.

Based upon an opinion by “Justaluckyfool” of the concepts of Noble Laureate Frederick Soddy, “The Role Of Money” (1926,1933)
*****The Switch Game;USA
*WHAT IF THE …The Fed Reserve were to become the CENTRAL BANK WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE (CBWFTP) instead of working for the Private For Profit Banks (PFPB) .
The government can not win against ‘compound interest’ on debt for that can be infinite in amount. IF ‘compound interest were eliminated then there would be no “systemic failure”. Or better yet; take that most powerful weapon, use it for the people .
Let’s try this game: Substitute the words “Central Bank Working For The People” (CBWFTP) where ever” Private For Profit Banks” (PFPB) appears.

****PFPB (read CBWFTP) have $100 trillion in assets as mortgages on residential and commercial real property (RE) loans. The average compound interest rate is 4% for a term of 36 years. The PFPB (read CBWFTP) would have created that $100 trillion ‘out of thin air’ which would have an attachment that would require $400 trillion to be paid to the PFPB (read CBWFTP). YES, take away the smoke and mirrors, this is a fact-the Rule of 72. Now we must replace (reduce to zero ) the Horizontal Money by subtracting $100 trillion leaving a profit,income,taxation from ‘somewhere else’ of $300 trillion. This amount goes as profits to the PFPB.(read CBWFTP) Revenue they may use for their own selfish purposes. That’s not the bad news-what the bad news is :That $300 trillion is real money, real currency, sucked up by the PFPB, (CBWFTP).
Why would you not want prosperity for yourselves and your children?
Why would you not want $300 trillion
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