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“In God We Trust” Why , How We Went Wrong.

January 10, 2014

“In God We Trust” Why, How We Went Wrong.

Some recent comments.

Google or Bing: Justaluckyfool comments:Recent Comments made.
Justaluckyfool,  “Why would you tax using a basis that is both unequal and unjust,  when there exist “a means of taxation already in existence that is totally fair, equal and would produce all the revenue distribution helpful …” “to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,…”
TAXATION is the best place to start.
As President Obama *even* knows but somehow does not understand that he has the answer, yet.
Stated on ” 60 minutes” (12/11/11)” President Obama said,”You can’t raise revenues by lowering taxes unless you get the money from somewhere else.” ?
YES,YES…reduce FICA to zero. Reduce federal personal income taxes to “first $100,000
at zero percent tax , any amount above at 10%.
That simple!
Dare you ask , “Where is the “SOMEWHERE ELSE”?
*****There shall be but one and only one issuer of the sovereign currency.
Any issuance after the recording of the wealth of the sovereignty shall be by way of loans.The amount on deposit belongs to the social group and is in trust for them and exchangeable on demand for the Federal Reserve is the caretaker. All new issuance must be loans and shall bear a taxation, commonly known as interest. INTEREST paid to the central bank
shall be the taxation which is turned over to Congress for appropriations..
Surely: You are aware that the private for profit banks have raise over $100 trillion as interest profit for themselves since inception of being legally allowed to do just that: issue new currency and tax it via interest!
$100 trillion that the PFPB have taken out of our pockets, spent for their our interests
Just do for the people what we have allowed the Private For Profit Banks to do—Issue currency as loans with a tax attached.
How the Feds DO unto US what they have done for the PFPB!
Frederick Soddy writings, namely “The Role Of Money”
(Entire book as a free download…
Misdirection at perfection.
Whether the Federal Reserve Bank is independent or has its member banks as shareholders
has no real meaning…if you do not address “What the Federal Reserve Bank does with its awesome power as the banking institution that is mandated to control the quality and quantity of the sovereign currency.
Where we went wrong is not in establishing a Federal Reserve Bank; it is in : We have destroyed “In God We Trust” and turned that into “In Private For Profit Banks (PFPB) We Trust”.
It was the fear of giving the awesome power to one institution that allowed for legislation to give PFPB the power TO ISSUE and TAX our sovereign currency.
Whom would you now rather trust?
The PFPB have shown their greed, do you believe it may be time for a change?
More comments:

All money is wealth; not all wealth is money. When wealth transforms into money it takes on the form of the acceptable currency at that time. The currency shows “credare”, the rights of ownership to that wealth.
Thank you for your reply it shows that a correction is needed.
If the “flaw” were to be corrected, there would only need to be one taxation.
The “flaw” being ‘allowing PFPBanks to issue and tax our sovereign currency!
The correction would make the central bank the sole issuer as well as the sole source of taxation.
A perfect circle-real money being lent that is the “credare” of the people being returned to the people by taxation. The central bank must by its mandate ‘to control the quantity and quality of the money’ return via Congressional appropriations one half of the payments received or the loans in order for the process to avoid “systemic failure”.
It also must place the other half into new loans to ensure the continuation of the scheme.
Private For Profit Banks must be separated from government.
Excerpts from :

Real Money Economics is an economic theory which proposes to change the current monetary and fractional reserve banking system as follows:

change the bank depository and payment system to a “Trust Banking System”;
change the bank credit system to a mutual fund system;
to keep price stability, change the new money creation system from a deposit creation system …

The world was created with enough wealth for all mankind to maintain a good  standard of living. We need only to form better governance.

Justaluckyfool asks, “What if…#OWS used that $14.7 million and purchased a Private For Profit Bank (PFPB)..
Use the #OWS bank to purchase $80 million worth of Residential loans, restructure them as notes , loans at 2% for 36 years; making them affordable for the homeowners
as well as payable. Also on the same day as these new notes are recorded as assets on the #OWS’s balance sheet, it would be able to make an additional $72 million in new loans.
More then $1.4 trillion new loans can be created.
BUT, what would #OWS bank do with the $1.5 trillion in profit it would receive, (Interest income-profit that it can make from $14.7 million over 36 years).
Maybe , perhaps just an idea, buy and burn all student loan debt?
****EVEN BETTER: Ask Michael Hudson and Wm K. Black, Is it possible to own all the student loans (over $1 trillion worth) if #OWS were to be one of the privileged Private For Profit Banks ?
Restructure those loans at 1% for 72 years with payments to be made from 5% of annual income after graduation. Then ask, What should they (#OWS Bank) do with the over $1 trillion
profit while still retaining the $14.7 million ?
Ask Dr. M Yunus, How a charity can become eternal … (? recover its cost?)
Why would you not investigate the validity of this comment?
Why would you not want prosperity for yourselves and your children?
Read : Read more:
Where we went wrong and how to fix it.
FREE, yes no money required. Download this book :
“The Role of Money” by Frederick Soddy (written in 1926, 1931)
Then read this FOOLS interpretation again.

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